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Specimens Label Information

HAST Specimen ID 82628  
Family Name APIACEAE
Genus Name Cnidium
Scientific Name Cnidium monnieri (L.) Gusson var. formosanum (Yabe) Kitagawa
Collection No. Ching-I Peng 17942
Collection Date 2000/2/10 Companion 鍾國芳, 林佳樺, 彭敏華
Country TAIWAN
Administrative Division MIAOLI HSIEN, Yuanli Town
Locality SE of intersection Procincial Hwy 61 and Provincial Hwy 1 , across the Hwy from Longde Home Economical and Commercial Senior Vocational School (龍德家商)
GPS Info. Altitude (m) 40
Habitat on moist fallow paddy bank Topography
Naturalness Vegetation
Life Form Herb Plant height
Phenology Flowers Flower color flowers white
Fruits Fruit color
Abundance abundant Lightness exposed Humidity
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Taxonomic Identifiaction Records
Family name APIACEAE
Genus name Cnidium
Scientific name Cnidium monnieri (L.) Gusson var. formosanum (Yabe) Kitagawa
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