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Specimens Label Information

HAST Specimen ID 127829  
Family Name RUTACEAE
Genus Name Zanthoxylum
Scientific Name Zanthoxylum schinifolium Sieb. & Zucc.
Collection No. Chien-I Huang 4778
Collection Date 2010/7/30 Companion 劉建華, 中村剛
Country TAIWAN
Administrative Division ILAN HSIEN, Tatung Hsiang
Locality about 15 km road maker on ChiLan No. 100 Forest Road (棲蘭100林道)
GPS Info. Altitude (m) 1705
Habitat at roadside Topography
Naturalness Vegetation mixed Cryptomeria plantation, Chamaecyparis and broadleaf forest
Life Form Shrub Plant height ca. 3 m tall
Phenology Flowers Flower color
Fruits at peak fruiting stage Fruit color
Abundance occasional Lightness semishaded Humidity
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Taxonomic Identifiaction Records
Family name RUTACEAE
Genus name Zanthoxylum
Scientific name Zanthoxylum schinifolium Sieb. & Zucc.
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