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館號 136155  
屬名 Taxillus  鈍果桑寄生屬 (松寄生屬)
學名 Taxillus sericus Danser  
鑑訂者 Peter W. Frisch  
採集號 Gaoligong Shan Biodiversity Survey 18050
採集日期 2003/8/27 隨同人員 Li Heng, Dao Zhiling, Li Rong, Jiang Zhutang (KUN); Bruce Bartholomew, Lihua Zhou (CAS); Shi Xiaochun (Gaoligongshan Nation Nature Reserve)
國家 中國
行政區 雲南省
地點 Longyang Qu, Lujiang Xiang. Lihuipo area near Nankang Village. E side of Gaoligong Shan near the crest of the range, just N of the new road from Baoshan to Tengchong via Nankang Yakou
經緯度 海拔(m) 2240
微生育地 地形位置
自然度 植群帶
生長型 Parasitic shrub 植物高度
物候 花色 Flowers yellow to re at base, green at apex
Growing on Lauraceae (collection number 18049). On bark of living tree on decomposed granite  
豐富度 環境光度 環境濕度

Subtropical evergreen broadleaf forest. Disturbed by clearing. Undisturbed dense forest with some cleared patches. Forest with many epiphytic orchids and ferns as well as abundant moss. Forest understory relatively open
交換單位 Exchange from  CAS