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館號 134660  
屬名 Comastoma  
學名 Comastoma pulmonarium (Turcz.) Toyok.  
鑑訂者 T. N. Ho  2010/7/10
採集號 D. E. Boufford 41306
採集日期 2009/7/29 隨同人員 B. Bartholomew, D. A. Eaton, X. H. Li, R. H. Ree, B. Xu, J. P. Yue, J. W. Zhang, X. X. Zhu
國家 中國
行政區 西藏自治區
地點 Changdu (Chamdo) Xian: Road (highway 317) from Changdu (Chamdo) to Jiangda (Gyamda), along Zha Qu (Zha River), a tributary of the Lancang Jiang (Mekong River), N of the town of Toba near village of Suijiewa
經緯度 海拔(m) 3700 - 3900
微生育地 地形位置
自然度 植群帶
生長型 植物高度
物候 花色
豐富度 環境光度 環境濕度
備註 Corolla pale blue with purple specks at base of lobes, structures in throat white. DNA material available

Picea forests on slopes with Spiraea, Cotoneaster, Potentilla glabra and Ribes; wet meadow-like areas, periodically flooded depressions and Hippophae communiteies along river. Lower edge of road among stones and on dry slope
交換單位 Exchange from  CAS